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The Red Cross on White Background originally associated with far back as the crusades ear, It was only until after the end of the Third Crusade [...]

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  • Exeter Cathedral
    Exeter Cathedral
    Exeter Cathedral is also known as the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter at Exeter, it’s a Anglican Cathedral and seats the Bishop of Exeter. The Building was completed around the 1400’s [...]
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  • 10 Wonderful Facts About Kitzbühel
    10 Wonderful Facts About Kitzbühel
    Facts about Kitzbühel An International Polkafest was held in Kitzbühel in 1978. The first known settlers were Illyrians mining copper in the hills around Kitzbühel between 1100 and 800 BC. [...]
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  • Photographs of Genoa
    Photographs of Genoa
    Genoa is the capital city of the northwest of Italy’s liguria region, the largest port city in the north-west of Italy, Genoa has a rich history, with stunning architecture and fancy [...]
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