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10 Facts About Imperial Castle, Poznań

Facts About Imperial Castle

  1. The Imperial Castle in Poznań, popularly called Zamek.
  2. Imperial Castle was constructed under the German rule in 1910 by Franz Schwechten for William II, German Emperor, with significant input from William himself.
  3. The castle was built in Neo-Romanesque style, considered by William to be the most “Germanic” and representing the glory of the Holy Roman Empire.
  4. The total cost of the building was five million German marks.
  5. Imperial Castle is the youngest castle in Europe.
  6. The square in front of the building is the main venue for the St. Martin’s Day parade and celebrations held in Poznań annually on 11 November.
  7. During fighting in 1945, the castle was a temporary camp for German POWs, and was later used as a barracks by the Polish People’s Army.
  8. The castle was renamed to “New City Hall”, and later transformed into a centre of culture. On 6 June 1979, the castle was declared a historical monument under the protection of the law.
  9. The most impressive room of the representative wing was the Throne Room in Byzantine style.
  10. The Imperial Castle in Poznań, is a palace in Poznań, in Poland.
Facts About Imperial Castle, Poznań
Facts About Imperial Castle, Poznań

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