10 Facts You Might Not Know About Durham

Durham facts


11The name “Durham” comes from the Old English “dun”, meaning hill, and the Old Norse “holme”, which translates to island, ‘Hill Island’

10Durham Regatta has been held on the River Wear in Durham since 1834. It is the second oldest regatta in Britain

9The Bowes Museum houses a 230-year-old musical automaton in the form of a life-size Silver The Bowes MuseumSwan

8Durham Miners’ Gala Is The Largest Socialist Trade Union Event In The World, First held in 1871

7Durham City saw the birth of modern English mustard by Mrs Clements.

6Durham is home To The Third Oldest University In England

5The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe Was Inspired By Durham

4Causey Arch, The Oldest Surviving Railway Bridge In The World, Built in 1725 by Ralph Wood

3Durham University Oriental Museum is the only museum in the north of Britain dedicated solely to the art and archaeology of the Orient

2In 2007 Neil Fingleton took over Christopher Greener as the tallest man in Europe, measuring 7ft 7.56in. Born in Durham in 1980

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