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Facts About Casa Grande

10 Interesting Facts About Casa Grande

Facts About Casa Grande

  • Casa Grande is named after the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, which is actually located in Coolidge. “Casa Grande” is Spanish for “big house”.
  • Casa Grande was founded in 1879 by The Carter Family during the Arizona mining boom, specifically due to the presence of the Southern Pacific Railroad.
  • and was eventually incorporated in 1915
  • According to the United States Census Bureau, Casa Grande has a total area of 48.2 square miles, all land.
  • The lowest temperature ever recorded in Casa Grande was 15 °F.
  • One of the founding fathers of Casa Grande was Thompson Rodney Peart. Peart Road, Peart Park, and the Peart Center, all of which are notable fixtures of Casa Grande, are named after him.
  • The estimated population of Casa Grande is 55,653, as of 2019.
  • The Lucid Electric Car plant opened a car manufacturing plant on November of 2020.
  • Casa Grande is a health resort in an irrigated agricultural area where cotton, fruit, and alfalfa are raised.
  • The elevation of Casa Grande is 426 m above sea level.


Facts About Casa Grande
Facts About Casa Grande