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Interesting Facts About Hillsboro

10 Interesting Facts About Hillsboro

Facts About Hillsboro

  1. Hillsboro is the fifth-largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon and is the county seat of Washington County.
  2. The first people of the Tualatin Valley were the Atfalati or Tualaty tribe of the Kalapuya, who inhabited the region for up to 10,000 years before white settlers arrived.
  3. Hillsboro was incorporated as a city on October 19, 1876
  4. The city has a total area of 21.6 square miles.
  5. The European-American community was founded by David Hill, Isaiah Kelsey, and Richard Williams, who arrived in the Tualatin Valley in 1841, followed by six more pioneers in 1842.
  6. The elevation of Hillsboro is 194 feet above sea level.
  7. Hillsboro only has one sister city: Fukuroi, Japan.
  8. The estimated population of Hillsboro is 106,543, as of 2019.
  9. In 1979, Intel opened its first facility in Hillsboro.
  10. Hillsboro’s annual Fourth of July Parade is the second-largest Independence Day parade in Oregon.
Interesting Facts About Hillsboro
Interesting Facts About Hillsboro