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10 Interesting Facts About Karlskrona

Facts About Karlskrona

  1. The city of Karlskrona is spread over 30 islands in the eastern part of Blekinge archipelago, Trossö being the main one.
  2. Karlskrona is a town in the county of Blekinge in Sweden. It is the seat of Karlskrona Municipality.
  3. The islet of Stumholmen was formerly property of the Navy and today it houses the National Naval Museum (Marinmuseum).
  4. The city was founded on 10 August 1680.
  5. The city grew quickly and by 1750 Karlskrona had about 10,000 inhabitants. It was then one of the biggest cities in the country.
  6. Parts of the city (mainly the Naval Port) have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  7. The shipyard in Karlskrona was established almost at the same time as the city.
  8. The population of Karlskrona is 66,675, as of 2018.
  9. The central building of the city is the Fredrikskyrkan church, built in the 1690s, On the main square, which is also the highest point of the island.
  10. The city is the main campus of Blekinge tekniska högskola, an Institute of Technology founded in 1989.
Interesting Facts About Karlskrona
Interesting Facts About Karlskrona

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