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Interesting Facts About Kuusamo

10 Interesting Facts About Kuusamo

Facts About Kuusamo

  1. Kuusamo is a town and municipality in Finland. It is located in the Northern Ostrobothnia region.
  2. The main economic activities in Kuusamo include forestry, reindeer husbandry, small industries and tourism.
  3. The 2005 World Championships of Freestyle Skiing was held in Kuusamo.
  4. Kuusamo Town was founded in 2000.
  5. The city lies on a roughly 250-meter-high plateau, from which the waters flow in five directions.
  6. The Kuusamo Hall in the town centre, completed in 1996, acts as a convention and cultural centre.
  7. Kuusamo municipality was founded in 1868 but as early as 1675 it formed a regional administrative entity, Kuusamo Parish.
  8. The Population of Kuusamo is 15,193, as of 31 January 2019.
  9. The Kuusamo Town surface area is 5,805 km², including 799 km² (14 %) of waterways.
  10. Kuusamo is twinned with: Loukhsky District, Russia; Askøy, Norway; Avesta Municipality, Sweden & Hørning Municipality, Denmark.
Interesting Facts About Kuusamo
Interesting Facts About Kuusamo