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Interesting Facts About Lake Plateliai

10 Interesting Facts About Lake Plateliai

Facts About Lake Plateliai

  1. Lake Plateliai is the biggest lake in Samogitia and 9th biggest in Lithuania.
  2. Lake Plateliai covers about 12 km² and reaches up to 49 m in depth.
  3. The lake has both diving and yacht clubs.
  4. Plateliai town is located on the west bank of the lake.
  5. The lake is one of the most interesting for underwater archaeology. Scientist think that the water level was much lower years ago and some islands are now underwater.
  6. The Cold War Museum was established in the Plokštinė missile base, located in the forest not far from the lake.
  7. In 2002 divers found a big stone with human-made markings, that resemble the letter L. The stone was surrounded by smaller stones and a hypothesis was raised that it was a sacred place for the pagans.
  8. Lake Plateliai hosts rock music festival Roko.
  9. For 25 years swimmers have competed in a marathon in the lake.
  10. In 2002, on the bottom of the lake archaeologists found three boats, about 5.5 meters in length, dated to the times of Vytautas the Great.
Interesting Facts About Lake Plateliai
Interesting Facts About Lake Plateliai