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Interesting Facts About Pinsk

10 Interesting Facts About Pinsk

Facts About Pinsk

  • Pinsk has formed part of the Republic of Belarus since Belarusian independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.
  • In 1954 it became part of the Brest Voblast.
  • Pinsk is a city in Brest Region of Belarus, in the Polesia region, at the confluence of the Pina River and the Pripyat River.
  • The first mention about Pinsk in written sources is presented in Tale of Bygone Years (Primary Chronicle) under 1097.
  • The estimated population of Pinsk is 138,202, as of 2017.
  • Pinsk was the seat of a Russian princedom. 
  • In 1523, Pinsk becomes a royal city, first owned by Queen Bona.
  • king Stephen Báthory grants Pinsk city rights in 1581.
  • on April 5, 1919, known as the Pinsk massacre, created a diplomatic crisis noted at the Versailles Conference.
  • Geographic coordinates: 52°07′ N 26°05′ E
Interesting Facts About Pinsk
Interesting Facts About Pinsk