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10 Interesting Facts About Szolnok

Facts About Szolnok

  • Szolnok was named for the first steward of the city, Szaunik or Zounok.
  • Szolnok is located in the heart of the Great Hungarian Plain, at the confluence of the Tisza and Zagyva rivers.
  • The area was first settled in the Paleolithic era.
  • Szolnok was granted a city with county rights on November 13, 1990.
  • The Geographic Coordinates: 47.17467°N 20.19649°E
  • Szolnok is twinned with Baia Mare, Romania; Bengbu, China; Bielsko-Biała, Poland; Eastwood, England; Forlì, Italy; Jinzhong, China; Rakvere, Estonia; Reutlingen, Germany; Riihimäki, Finland; Sanmenxia, China; Shoham, Israel & Yuza, Japan.
  • A public transport stop in the Estonian city of Tallinn is named after Szolnok
  • Szolnok was first mentioned, under the name Zounok, in a letter from Géza I concerning the foundation of the monastery at Garamszentbenedek in 1075.
  • Szolnok is the county seat of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county in central Hungary.
  • Szolnok is situated on the banks of the Tisza river, at the heart of the Great Hungarian Plain, has made it an important cultural and economic crossroads for centuries.
Facts About Szolnok
Facts About Szolnok

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