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Facts About Trencin Castle Slovakia

10 Interesting Facts About Trencin Castle Slovakia

Facts About Trencin Castle Slovakia

  • The castle is protected as a National Cultural Monument of Slovakia.
  • The castle houses exhibitions of the Trenčín Museum, documenting the history of the region and of the castle.
  • The Trenčín Castle is a castle above the town of Trenčín in western Slovakia.
  • The castle fell in decay after a fire in 1790,  its owners, the Illésházy family move to the more comfortable manor house in Dubnica.
  • Trenčín Castle with its rich history and monumental architecture has become an object of constant interest of painters, writers and music composers.
  • The Geographic Coordinates of Trencin Castle: 48.894167°N 18.044722°E.
  • The oldest building is a stone rotunda, plausibly founded in the Great Moravian period.
  • In the 13-14th century, the castle became the residence of Matthew III Csák, the legendary “Lord of the river Váh and the Tatra Mountains”.
  • In the midst of the 13th century, the castle was the seat of the Baron Jakab Cseszneky, who was King Béla IV’s swordbearer.
  • History of the castle goes back to the age of the Roman Empire, testified by the inscription telling about the victory of the II. Roman legion at Laugaricio (the Latin name of Trenčín) in 179 AD.
Facts About Trencin Castle Slovakia
Facts About Trencin Castle Slovakia

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