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10 Interesting Facts About Lake St Maritz

Facts About Lake St Maritz: 

  1. The first cricket tournament on the frozen lake took place in 1990.
  2. English cricketer David Gower parked his rental car on the ice in January 1990; overnight it broke through the ice and sank.
  3. For three weekends every February, horse races are held on the frozen lake. The Horse Races are known as the “White Turf” are held since 1907.
  4. Lake St. Moritz is a lake at St. Moritz, Switzerland.
  5. Every January or early February, Polo matches are held on the lake.
  6. Lake St. Moritz surface area of 0.78 km². 
  7. The max length of Lake St Maritz is 1.6 km and max Width is at 0.6 km.
  8. Lake St Maritz is usually frozen between the months of December to May.
  9. The primary inflow of water that goes into the Lake is from Inn River and Ovel dal Mulin.
  10. The Olympic Winter Games were held on St Moritz in 1928 and 1948, the lake hosted a number of events. 

10 Interesting Facts About Lake St Maritz 10 interesting lake st moritz facts 1 Facts About Lake St Maritz,Lake St Maritz Facts

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