Vileyka Reservoir Facts

  1. The Vileyka reservoir construction was started in 1968.
  2. Vileyka Reservoir is a water reservoir in the Vileyka-Minsk water system.
  3. The reservoir was created to increase the amount of freshwater for the republic’s capital Minsk.
  4. Vileyka Reservoir is the largest artificial lake in Belarus.
  5. Vileyka Reservoir is the second largest in size to the largest natural lake.
  6. Vileyka Reservoir has a surface area of 64.6 km2, a length of 27 km, a width of 3 km, a maximum depth of 13 m, an average volume of 238 million cubic meters.
  7. Vileyka Reservoir Catchment area is 4120 square kilometres, mineralization of water – 280–320 mg/l.
  8. The annual transfer of water is 575 million tons.
  9. The water rises to the level of more than 70 meters with a few Hydraulic power station.
  10. Vileyka Reservoir is situated in the Minsk Region, Belarus.
Vileyka Reservoir Facts
Vileyka Reservoir Facts

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