17 Facts You Might Not Know About Cardiff

20 Facts You Might Not Know About Cardiff

17 Facts You Might Not Know About Cardiff

17The oldest record shop in the world, opened in 1894, is Spillers Records in Cardiff.

16Cardiff is home to the world’s oldest record store, which opened in 1894, Spillers.

15One of the most infamous pirates, Henry Morgan, was born in Llanrumney in Cardiff in 1635, you might know this pirate as Captain Morgan.

14Cardiff is one of the flattest cities in Britain.

13Llandaff Cathedral dates back to 1107, which makes it one of the oldest Christian Sites in Britain.

12BBC Cardiff is home to Doctor Who since 2005.

11The first ever British news film was filmed in Cardiff in 1896

1010% of the population in Cardiff speaks Welsh as well as English

9Cardiff was the first Fair Trade capital in the world.

8The Romans settled in Cardiff in 55AD

7During World War II, Cardiff Castle was used as an air raid shelter.

6Millennium Stadium has one of the largest sliding roofs in the world and is the second-largest stadium in the world with a fully retractable roof

5Cardiff has on average more hours of sunlight than Milan.

4Cardiff won the title of European City of Sport twice 2014 and 2009

3Cardiff became the capital of Wales in 1955. It’s Europe’s smallest and one of its newest capital cities.

2There are secret underground tunnels spanning the city centre

1The largest waterfront redevelopment project in Europe cost £102 million, the Cardiff Bay.

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