Nice Observatory

Nice Observatory is an astronomical observatory, built in 1878 thanks to the support of Raphael-Louis Bischoffsheim, Nice Observatory merged with CERGA in 1988 to form the Côte d'Azur [...]

Montpellier Cathedral

Montpellier Cathedral was a former Benedictine chapel, the Chapel became a cathedral in 1536 when the city was transferred from the Maguelon to Montpellier, The Montpellier Cathedral building [...]

Jardin des plantes de Montpellier

Jardin des Plantes de Montpellier is a botanical garden and one of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe and the oldest in France, created in 1593 by the order of Henri IV, Jardin des Plantes de [...]

8 Montpellier Zoological Park Facts

Montpellier Zoological Park Facts, Montpellier Zoological Park opened in 1964, second largest Zoo park in France and has the largest tropical greenhouse in France, facts about Montpellier Zoo, [...]

Montpellier Zoological Park

Montpellier Zoological Park is the largest zoo park in Montpellier and second largest zoo in France, With its eighty hectares, two ponds and fifty-two enclosures, Montpellier Zoological Park [...]

Porte du Peyrou Monument

Porte du Peyrou is a monument dedicated to King Louis XIV of France, known as the 'Sun King', built in 1693 and designed by François d’Orbay, situated at the eastern end of the Jardins du Peyrou, [...]

Province of Malaga Coat of Arms and Flag

Province of Malaga Coat of arms and flag, information about the history and details about the coat of arms and the Flag of Malaga with photography's and facts, Province of Malaga coat of arms, [...]

Museo de Malaga

Museo de Malaga opened to the public in December 2016, becoming the biggest museum in Andalusia and the fifth biggest in Spain, the Museum was formed by the Provincial Museum of Fine arts, was [...]

Sea Life Benalmadena

Sea Life Benalmadena is an aquarium situated Benalmadena, Malaga in Andalusia, Spain, Explore the amazing underwater tunnels plus 36 displays including rays and giant turtles as well as over [...]