Everything You Need to Know Before Travelling to United Kingdom

Everything You Need to Know Before Travelling to United Kingdom

The country might be small but it holds a lot of history, fame and culture, don’t be surprised that the British accent changes every 16 miles. People who come over to the United Kingdom can find it hard to learn the quirks and idiosyncrasies and pronunciations, road rules and the drinking culture can be strange but its a lovely nation with lots of history to explore.

The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. England is also the site of Neolithic Stonehenge, Bath’s Roman spa and centuries-old universities at Oxford and Cambridge and birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles.

Entry Requirements

Your passport or identity card will be checked when you arrive at a UK port or airport to make sure you’re allowed to come into the country. It must be valid for the whole of your stay. More Information can be found at the UK Government website.

Passport Required Return Ticket Required Visa Required
The United States of America Yes No No
Canada Yes No No
British No No No
EU Yes No No
Other Countries Yes Yes Yes

Check if you need VISA to enter the United Kingdom

Safety and Security

Visiting the United Kingdom is fairly safe and really nothing to worry about. The United Kingdom benefits from low crime rates and very effective emergency services.

Visiting any public spaces, you will find a lot of CCTV cameras overlooking the public and if any crime did happen, you could easily report it to the police with no hassle and health care is free so no need to worry about injuring yourself.

Just use your common sense when visiting any country and respect the cultural and keep your belonging to yourself.

Best Time to visit the United Kingdom

London is most heavily touristed in the late spring and summer months when the weather is warm and kids are off school and during the December rush of shopping and seasonal activities. London can be visited at any time of year, as it has a mild climate and extreme weather is rare.

Northern Ireland has relatively warm temperatures, but wet and windy conditions. In the summer months expect the weather to be between 10°- 18°C. Temperatures are highest between June and August and pleasant in April and September.

England boasts the warmest temperatures in the United Kingdom with July and August being the hottest months. summers rarely get very hot and the winters don’t get very cold, expect the weather to be between 11°-20° degrees on average.

Wales weather is similar to Northern Ireland, In the summer months expect the weather to be between 10°C-17°C and 2°C-6°C during winter.

Scotland weather during June and August in the south of Scotland average between 11°-19°C and in the winter it’s between 1°C-7°C.


The United Kingdom has a number of languages, English is woken everywhere as the main language, however, some parts of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland Speak their own language: Welsh, Scottish and Irish. But don’t worry about learning the languages, English is spoken everywhere.

There are 11 indigenous languages spoken across the British Isles: 5 Celtic, 3 Germanic, and 3 Romance. Over 300 languages are currently spoken in London.

Travelling around the country

Travelling around the United Kingdom is fairly simple, just rent a car and you can go just about anywhere using the motorway to visit different cities and towns, London and Birmingham are only 2 and a half hours away, driving from the second city Birmingham to Scottish Capital Edinburgh will take you around 5 hours.

Britain’s National Rail network is one of the largest in the world and over 2,500 passenger railway stations on the National Rail Network not including the London underground, you can travel just about in the United Kingdom using the rail system. The Map below shows how far you can travel using the rail network.

Britain's National Rail network
Britain’s National Rail network ©Official National Rail Maps


The currency in the United Kingdom is the Pound sterling (£) which can be withdrawn from all ATMs. The United Kingdom is a safe place when it comes to fraud, so don’t worry about using ATM’s that are not installed inside a bank, however, we would still highly recommend using the ATMs at banks.

Scotland and Nothern Ireland Have their own currency “Scottish Pound” and ” Northern Ireland Pound” you can spend Scottish & Irish money anywhere in the UK as it is a legal tender denominated and backed by sterling, the currency of bank of England.

Places to avoid

Lewisham in South-East London has the highest murder rate in the country, so I would highly recommend not going there at night.

West Yorkshire is the most dangerous place to live in England and Wales.



Everything You Need to Know Before Travelling to United Kingdom
Everything You Need to Know Before Travelling to United Kingdom

Abbey of Saint-Remi Basilica

Abbey of Saint-Remi

The Abbey of Saint-Remi was founded in the sixth century and consecrated by Pope Leo IX in 1049, its the oldest church in Remi and one of the finest in Northern France, built in Romanesque style. The archbishops of Reims and several princes, Carloman, brother of Charlemagne, Henri and kings Louis IV of France and Lothair were buried in the monastery.

The Romanesque and gothic style gives it the basilica its unique look, having one side of the nave in Romanesque and the other side with gothic style, the basilica has some vertical elements but still retains the layers of horizontal solidity that is characterised Romanesque architecture.

During World War I, the building was significantly damaged, it was rebuilt from the ruins in the next 40 years, the restoration project was done by architect Henri Deneux.

Valuable objects were looted from the abbey in the French Revolution and the Holy Ampulla of the coronation of the kings of France that was kept in the abbey was destroyed, however, the 12th century stained glass remained intact.

Opposite the St. Remi Basilica, at 53, Rue Simon is the Saint Rémi Museum. It contains collections of Gallo-Roma artefacts, as well as Napoleon-era weapons. The museum tells the story of Rheims, starting with prehistory. It contains some remarkable Roman mosaics, including this enormous depiction of gladiators. The museum costs 3 euros for admission.

The Saint Remi Basilica is located only 1 mile away from the cathedral. the Abbey is almost as large as the Cathedral.

The Abbey of Saint-Remi became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991.

Abbey of Saint-Remi
Abbey of Saint-Remi Basilica

Abbey of Saint-Remi Basilica Contact Information

Telephone: +33 3 26 85 31 20 | Official Website |

How To Get There

Gare de Reims and Maison Blanche train stations are 20 -30 minutes away from the abbey, we highly recommend getting the taxi from the station. save yourself a lot of time.

Travelling from Paris to Saint Remi Basilica: Take Quai de l’Hôtel de Ville, Quai Henri IV, Quai de la Rapée and Quai de Bercy to A4 in Charenton-le-Pont 11 min (5.3 km), Follow A4 to Avenue de Champagne/D951 in Reims. Take exit 25-Reims – Saint Remi from A344 1 h 19 min (139 km), Continue on Avenue de Champagne. Take Avenue Saint-Pol to Rue du Châtelet.

Opening Hours

Monday 02:00 PM – 06:30 PM
Tuesday 02:00 PM – 06:30 PM
Wednesday 02:00 PM – 06:30 PM
Thursday 02:00 PM – 06:30 PM
Friday 02:00 PM – 06:30 PM
Saturday 02:00 PM – 07:00 PM
Sunday 02:00 PM – 07:00 PM

Closed dates: 1st of January, 1st of May,14th of July, 1st of November, 11th of November, and 25th of December.


Adults €4
Seniors and Youth €3
Children Under 6 Free Entry
Free admission first Sunday of every month


  • Inscription 199
  • The average duration of an individual visit: 30 minutes.
  • Historical sites and monuments
  • founded in the sixth century
Abbey of Saint-Remi
Abbey of Saint-Remi Basilica


Nearby places to stay as cheap as possible budget under £100/$100/€100:

  • Holiday Inn Reims Centre Located just 400 yards from Reims Convention Centre, Holiday Inn Reims Centre is ideally located in the historic centre of Reims, and it features the only panoramic restaurant in Reims and a bar. check price.
  • La Demeure des Sacres Located in the centre of Reims, La Demeure des Sacres is set in a 20th-Century property and offers boutique-style accommodation with a large garden. The Reims Cathedral is just 350 yards from the B&B and Reims Convention Centre is a 10-minute walk away. check price.
  • Logis Hôtel Au Tambour Located 1,000 yards from Reims city centre, this Logis Hotel is just a 15-minute walk from the town centre, train station and Reims Champagne Congrès. It offers a heated outdoor swimming pool and private parking in garages. Check Price.

Nearby places to stay at a budget price over £100:

  • Grand Hôtel Des Templiers located in Reims, just a 15-minute walk to the city centre and an 8-minute drive from Reims Convention Centre. It features an indoor swimming pool and a sauna. Check Price.
  • Les Suites Champenoises is set in Tinqueux in the Champagne – Ardenne Region, 2.7 miles from Reims city centre. Offering 2 sun terraces and a hot tub. Check Price

Visiting Reims? We have other posts that you may enjoy that will be helpful on your trip.


Address: Rue Saint-Julien, 51100 Reims, France | Coordinates: 49°14′35″N 4°02′31″E

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Abbey of Saint-Remi
Abbey of Saint-Remi Basilica

List of Famous Russian People

List of Famous Russian people

List of Famous Russian People

The People within this list are usually native to the country however sometimes we may have included those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavours.

Famous Russian People are in the following Categories

Rurik, ruler of Novgorod Oleg “the Seer”, conqueror of Kiev and founder of Kievan Rus’
Igor “the Old” Olga, the first woman ruler of Rus’
Vladimir I “the Great” Yaroslav I “the Wise”
Yury I “the Long-Handed”, founder of Moscow Vladimir II Monomakh, defender of Rus’ from Cuman nomads
Vsevolod “the Big Nest” Andrey I “Bogolyubsky”
Alexander Nevsky, Prince of Novgorod and Grand Prince of Vladimir Ivan I “the Moneybag”
Dmitry Donskoy, saint and war hero Simeon “the Proud”
Ivan IV, the first Tsar of Russia Ivan III “the Great”
False Dmitriy I Boris Godunov
False Dmitry II Vasili IV Shuisky
Peter I “the Great”, the first Russian Emperor Mikhail, the first Romanov monarch
Elizabeth, “the Merry Empress” Catherine I, the first Russian Empress
Catherine II “the Great” Alexander I, the first Russian King of Poland and the first Russian Grand Duke of Finland.
Alexander II “the Liberator” Nicholas II, the last actual emperor

Orthodox leaders
Metropolitan Alexius Patriarch Alexy I
Patriarch Alexy II Metropolitan Isidore
Patriarch Kirill Patriarch Job
Metropolitan Macarius Patriarch Nikon
Metropolitan Philaret Patriarch Philaret
Patriarch Sergius Patriarch Pimen
Patriarch Tikhon

Siberian explorers
Vladimir Atlasov Ivan Chersky
Semyon Dezhnyov Kurbat Ivanov
Pyotr Beketov Yerofey Khabarov
Stepan Krasheninnikov Alexander Middendorf
Nicolae Milescu Ivan Moskvitin
Nikolay Muravyov-Amursky Nikolay Muravyov-Amursky
Gennady Nevelskoy Vladimir Obruchev
Maksim Perfilyev Fedot Popov
Vassili Poyarkov Demid Pyanda
Semyon Remezov Yermak Timofeyevich
Nikolay Shkot Primorsky Krai
Alexander Sibiryakov Vasily Tatishchev
Tatyana Ustinova Yermak Timofeyevich

Travellers in the tropics
Nicholai Miklukho-Maklai Grigory Langsdorf
Afanasy Nikitin Yuri Senkevich
Wilhelm Junker Afanasy Nikitin
Alexander Bulatovich

Polar explorers
Pyotr Anjou Semion Chelyuskin
Faddey Bellingshausen Artur Chilingarov
Vitus Bering Georgy Brusilov
Valery Chkalov Semyon Dezhnyov
Chukchi Peninsula Yakov Gakkel
Matvei Gedenschtrom Maria Klenova
Ernst Krenkel Dmitry Laptev
Artur Chilingarov Fyodor Litke
Khariton Laptev Mikhail Lazarev
Stepan Makarov Stepan Malygin
Alexander Middendorf Ivan Nagurski
Dmitry Ovtsyn Mikhail Lazarev
Pyotr Pakhtusov Ivan Papanin
Vasili Pronchishchev Fedot Popov
Maria Pronchishcheva Vladimir Rusanov
Anatoly Sagalevich Rudolf Samoylovich
Yakov Sannikov Ivan Papanin
Otto Schmidt Georgy Sedov
Pyotr Shirshov Alexander Sibiryakov
Mikhail Somov Eduard Toll
Alexey Tryoshnikov Yevgeny Tolstikov
Eduard Toll Nikolay Urvantsev
Georgy Ushakov Boris Vilkitsky
Vladimir Vize Vladimir Voronin
Ferdinand Wrangel

Land transport developers
Fyodor Blinov, Cherepanov
Ivan Elmanov Ivan Kulibin
Yury Lomonosov Pavel Melnikov
Fyodor Pirotsky Leonty Shamshurenkov
Pyotr Shilovsky

Naval engineers
Rostislav Alexeyev Vladimir Yourkevitch
Rostislav Alexeyev Anatoly Alexandrov
Mikhail Britnev Stefan Drzewiecki
Boris Jacobi Alexei Krylov
Fyodor Litke Vladimir Yourkevitch
Stepan Makarov Victor Makeyev
Pavel Schilling Igor Spassky

Structural engineers
Nikolai Belelyubsky Vladimir Shukhov
Agustín de Betancourt Vladimir Barmin
Akinfiy Demidov Alexey Dushkin
Nikolai Nikitin Alexander Hrennikoff
Lavr Proskuryakov Vladimir Shukhov

Electrical Engineers
Zhores Alferov Mikhail Dolivo-Dobrovolsky
Nikolay Benardos Boris Jacobi
Konstantin Khrenov Alexander Lodygin
Oleg Losev Vasily Petrov
Fyodor Pirotsky Alexander Poniatoff
Pavel Yablochkov Georg Wilhelm Richmann
Pavel Yablochkov Pavel Schilling
Aleksandr Stoletov Nikolay Slavyanov

IT developers
Georgy Adelson-Velsky Boris Babaian
Anatoly Karatsuba Victor Glushkov
Sergey Brin Nikolay Brusentsov
Mikhail Donskoy Yevgeny Kaspersky
Leonid Khachiyan Semen Korsakov
Evgeny Landis Vladimir Levenshtein
Sergey Lebedev Alexey Pajitnov
Alexey Pajitnov Eugene Roshal
Vladimir Levenshtein Valentin Turchin
Willgodt Theophil Odhner David Yang

Communication engineers
Hovannes Adamian Leonid Kupriyanovich
Alexander Popov Oleg Losev
Boris Rosing Alexander Popov
Vladimir Zworykin Pavel Schilling
Leon Theremin

Musical instrument makers
Leon Theremin Andrei Sychra
Yevgeny Murzin Motorins Ivan his son Mikhail
Vasily Andreyev Vladimir Baranov-Rossine

Legendary and folk heroes
Alyosha Popovich Dobrynya Nikitich
Ilya Muromets Ilya Muromets
Ivan Tsarevich Ivan the Fool
Nikita the Furrier Sadko
Svyatogor Vasilisa the Beautiful

Kirill Pishchalnikov Andrei Kirilenko
Alexander Gomelsky David Blatt

Chess players
Alexander Alekhine Yuri Averbakh
Leonid Yudasin Boris Spassky
Vasily Smyslov Vyacheslav Ragozin
Andor Lilienthal Grigory Levenfish
Vladimir Kramnik Victor Korchnoi
Garry Kasparov Anatoly Karpov
Mikhail Botvinnik Semen Furman
Mikhail Chigorin

Nikolai Andrianov Yelena Davydova
Svetlana Khorkina Yevgeniya Kanayeva
Sofia Muratova Aliya Mustafina
Alexei Nemov Natalia Shaposhnikova
Yelena Shushunova

Association football players
Vladimir Beschastnykh Konstantin Beskov
Andrei Arshavin Grigori Bogemsky
Dmitri Alenichev Valentin Bubukin
Igor Akinfeev Leonid Buryak
Andrei Galyanov Valentin Ivanov
Gavriil Kachalin Andrei Kanchelskis
Valery Karpin Dmitri Kharine
Aleksandr Mostovoi Igor Netto
Viktor Onopko Sergei Ovchinnikov
Roman Pavlyuchenko Oleg Salenko
Boris Razinsky Mordechai Spiegler
Yuri Zhirkov Eduard Streltsov
Andrey Tikhonov Lev Yashin
Valery Voronin Tikhon Zelenskiy

Leonid Zhabotinsky Arkady Vorobyov
Yuri Vlasov Vasily Alexeev

Sculptors and jewellers
Mikhail Anikushin Peter Clodt
Mihail Chemiakin Vasily Demut-Malinovsky
Peter Carl Fabergé Naum Gabo
Mikhail Gerasimov Ilya Kabakov
Peter Carl Fabergé Vyacheslav Klykov
Sergey Konenkov Mikhail Kozlovsky
Ivan Martos Vera Mukhina
Mikhail Mikeshin Ernst Neizvestny
Alexander Opekushin Boris Orlovsky
Nikolai Tomsky Yevgeny Vuchetich
Zurab Tsereteli

Ivan Aivazovsky Fedor Alekseev
Ivan Argunov Léon Bakst
Alexandre Benois Ivan Bilibin
Victor Borisov-Musatov Vladimir Borovikovsky
Karl Briullov Marc Chagall
Pavel Chistyakov Alexander Deyneka
Dionisy Andrey Esionov
Karp Zolotaryov Simon Ushakov
Vladimir Favorsky Nikolai Ge
Pavel Fedotov Wassily Kandinsky
Feofan Grek Alexander Ivanov
Sergey Ivanov Wassily Kandinsky
Orest Kiprensky Konstantin Korovin
Ivan Kramskoi Boris Kustodiev
Mikhail Larionov Alexey Leonov
Rafail Sergeevich Levitsky El Lissitzky
Kazimir Malevich Konstantin Makovsky
Kazimir Malevich Sergey Malyutin
Vladimir Mayakovsky Mikhail Nesterov
Ilya Repin Ivan Nikitin
Vasily Perov Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin
Vasily Polenov Ilya Repin
Alexander Rodchenko Nicholas Roerich
Ilya Repin Alexander Rodchenko
Nicholas Roerich Roerich Pact
Feodor Vasilyev Andrei Rublev
Vasily Tropinin Israel Tsvaygenbaum
Vasily Surikov Konstantin Somov
Ivan Shishkin Taras Shevchenko
Zinaida Serebriakova Valentin Serov
Andrei Ryabushkin Alexei Savrasov
Viktor Vasnetsov Alexey Venetsianov
Zinaida Serebriakova Vasily Vereshchagin
Mikhail Vrubel Nikolai Yaroshenko
Pyotr Zakharov-Chechenets Leon Zernitsky

Modern musicians, singers and bands
Sasha Argov Eduard Khil
Dima Bilan Yuri Antonov
Lena Katina Sergey Lazarev
Natalia O’Shea Origa
Aleksandra Pakhmutova Alla Pugacheva
Andrey Shibko Valery Leontiev
Viktor Tsoi Julia Volkova
Vladimir Vysotsky KREC

Classical composers and musicians
Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov Alexander Borodin
Anton Arensky Sergei Bortkiewicz
Mily Balakirev Valeri Brainin
Emil Gilels Mikhail Glinka
Alexander Glazunov Alexander Gretchaninoff
Vladimir Horowitz Dmitry Kabalevsky
Aram Khachaturian Leonid Kogan
Anatoly Konstantinovich Lyadov Tikhon Khrennikov
Boris Kozhevnikov Sergei Lyapunov
Nikolai Medtner Nikolai Myaskovsky
Gregor Piatigorsky Mikhail Pletnev
Sergei Rachmaninoff Sergei Prokofiev
Sviatoslav Richter Vadim Repin
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Mstislav Rostropovich
Gennady Rozhdestvensky Nikolai Rubinstein
Vasily Ilyich Safonov Alfred Schnittke
Alexander Scriabin Alexander Serov
Dmitri Shostakovich Rodion Shchedrin
Igor Stravinsky Vissarion Shebalin
Regina Spektor Sergey Taneyev
Georgy Sviridov Mikael Tariverdiev
Aleksandr Taneyev Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Alexander Tcherepnin Boris Tchaikovsky
Galina Ustvolskaya Maxim Vengerov

Theatre Directors
Michael Chekhov Anatoly Efros
Yury Lyubimov Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko
Konstantin Stanislavski Yevgeny Vakhtangov
Fyodor Volkov

Pavel Nakhimov José de Ribas
Andrey Popov Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich
Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich Alexei Senyavin
Naum Senyavin Dmitry Senyavin
Jean de Traversay Grigory Spiridov
Fyodor Ushakov Vladimir Tributs
Vasily Zavoyko Ivan Yumashev
Stepan Makarov Matija Zmajević
Vasily Chichagov Fyodor Apraksin
Cornelius Cruys Fyodor Dubasov
Sergey Gorshkov Samuel Greig
Ivan Grigorovich Vladimir Istomin
Vladimir Kornilov Aleksandr Kolchak
Nikolay Kuznetsov Nikolay Krabbe
Pavel Nakhimov Mikhail Lazarev

Mikhail Annenkov Roman Bagration
Ivan Bagramyan Aleksandr Baryatinsky
Vasily Blücher Alexander Bekovich-Cherkassky
Aleksei Brusilov Maria Bochkareva
Semyon Budyonny Vasily Chapayev
Mikhail Chernyayev Vasily Chuikov
Anton Denikin Denis Davydov
Hans Karl von Diebitsch-Zabalkansky Mikhail Petrovich Dolgorukov
Nadezhda Durova Alexander Gorbatyi-Shuisky
Leonid Govorov Andrei Grechko
Ivan Gudovich Iosif Gurko
Mikhail Frunze Konstantin Kaufmann
Lavr Kornilov Ivan Konev
Mikhail Kutuzov Nikolay Krylov
Andrey Kurbsky Peter Lacy
Rodion Malinovsky Alexander Matrosov
Aleksandr Menshikov Kirill Meretskov
Kuzma Minin Mikhail Miloradovich
Burkhard Christoph von Münnich Rodion Oslyabya
Semyon Andreevich Pugachov Fabian Gottlieb von Osten-Sacken
Ivan Paskevich Ivan Panfilov
Lyudmila Pavlichenko Ivan Paskevich
Grigory Potyomkin-Tavrichesky Alexander Peresvet
Alexander Prozorovsky Dmitry Pozharsky
Anikita Repnin Nikolay Raevsky
Nicholas Repnin Konstantin Rokossovsky
Grigory Romodanovsky Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich
Pyotr Rumyantsev-Zadunaysky Pyotr Saltykov
Igor Sergeyev Roza Shanina
Boris Shaposhnikov Aleksei Shein
Boris Sheremetev Ivan Sidorenko
Mikhail Skobelev Sergei Sokolov
Alexander Suvorov Vasily Sokolovsky
Alexander Suvorov Fyodor Tolbukhin
Semyon Timoshenko Michael Barclay de Tolly
Mikhail Tukhachevsky Gennady Troshev
Dmitriy Ustinov Aleksandr Vasilevsky
Vera Voloshina Mikhail Vorontsov
Eduard Totleben Mikhail Vorotynsky
Peter Wittgenstein Ivan Yakubovsky
Aleksey Yermolov Andrey Yeryomenko
Vasily Zaytsev Yunus-bek Yevkurov
Georgy Zhukov

Soviet leaders and statesmen
Nikolai Bukharin Nikolai Bulganin
Nikolai Yezhov Feliks Dzerzhinsky
Mikhail Gorbachev Mikhail Kalinin
Nikita Khrushchev Alexei Kosygin
Vladimir Lenin Anatoly Lunacharsky
Georgy Malenkov Vyacheslav Molotov
Yakov Sverdlov Mikhail Suslov
Gennady Yanayev

Presidents and contemporary politicians
Dmitriy Abramenkov Viktor Chernomyrdin
Yegor Gaidar Boris Gryzlov
Mikhail Fradkov Sergei Kiriyenko
Yury Luzhkov Valentina Matviyenko
Dmitry Medvedev Sergei Mironov
Yevgeny Primakov Vladimir Putin
Anatoly Sobchak Sergei Stepashin
Boris Yeltsin Vladimir Zhirinovsky
Gennady Zyuganov

Orthodox saints
Alexander Nevsky Andrei Rublev
Anthony of Kiev Basil Fool for Christ
Boris and Gleb Tsarevich Dmitry
Dmitry Donskoy Feodor Kuzmich
Ioakim Korsunianin Maximus the Greek
John of Shanghai and San Francisco Nicholas II of Russia
Nicholas of Japan Olga of Kiev
Savvatiy Sergius of Radonezh
Vladimir I of Kiev

Explorers of Russian America
Alexander Baranov Ivan Fyodorov
Vitus Bering Mikhail Gvozdev
Otto von Kotzebue Aleksei Chirikov
Grigory Shelikhov Gavriil Pribylov
Nikolai Rezanov Gavriil Sarychev
Grigory Shelikhov Lavrenty Zagoskin
Nikolai Rezanov Gavriil Sarychev
Grigory Shelikhov Lavrenty Zagoskin

Faddey Bellingshausen Ludwig von Hagemeister
Fyodor Konyukhov Otto von Kotzebue
Ivan Kruzenshtern Mikhail Lazarev
Yuri Lisyansky Fyodor Litke
Konstantin Posyet Nikolai Rezanov
Vasily Zavoyko Yevfimy Putyatin
Fyodor Tolstoy Nikolai Rezanov
Ivan Unkovsky Ferdinand Wrangel

Explorers of Central Asia
Pyotr Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky Alexander Nevsky
Gombojab Tsybikov Nicholas Roerich
Nikolai Przhevalsky Grigory Potanin
Ivan Petlin Pyotr Kozlov
Nikolai Korzhenevskiy Grigory Grumm-Grzhimaylo
Alexey Fedchenko, Alexander Bekovich-Cherkassky

Boris Yegorov Vladimir Titov
Aleksei Yeliseyev, Gherman Titov
Anatoly Solovyev Valentina Tereshkova
Svetlana Savitskaya Vitaly Sevastyanov
Pavel Popovich Valeri Polyakov
Andrian Nikolayev Musa Manarov
Aleksei Leonov Vladimir Komarov
Sergei Krikalyov Yevgeny Khrunov
Yuri Gagarin Konstantin Feoktistov
Valery Bykovsky Georgy Beregovoy
Pavel Belyayev

Polymath inventors
Leon Theremin Vladimir Shukhov
Peter the Great Andrey Nartov
Mikhail Lomonosov Ivan Kulibin
Genrich Altshuller

Weaponry makers
Vladimir Utkin Fedor Tokarev
Ivan Vyrodkov Vladimir Simonov
Aleksandr Porokhovschikov Andrei Sakharov
Andrey Nartov Sergey Nepobedimy
Alexander Nadiradze Sergey Mosin
Alexander Morozov Nestor Makhno
Victor Makeyev Nikolai Lebedenko
Mikhail Koshkin Sergei Korolyov
Leonid Gobyato Yuly Khariton
Vladimir Fyodorov Ivan Fyodorov
Vasily Degtyaryov Andrey Chokhov

Aerospace engineers
Rostislav Alexeyev Oleg Antonov,
Georgy Babakin Vladimir Barmin
Robert Bartini Alexander Bereznyak
Georgy Beriev Georgy Bothezat
Vladimir Chelomey Valentyn Glushko
Evgeniy Chertovsky Nicolas Florine
Valentyn Glushko Mikhail Gurevich
Pyotr Grushin Sergey Ilyushin
Sergei Korolyov Aleksei Isaev
Mstislav Keldysh Kerim Kerimov
Nikolay Kamov Alexander Kemurdzhian
Nikolai Kibalchich Gleb Kotelnikov
Sergei Korolev Gleb Kotelnikov
Semyon Lavochkin Gleb Lozino-Lozinskiy
Mikhail Lomonosov Arkhip Lyulka
Gleb Kotelnikov Mikhail Lomonosov
Gleb Lozino-Lozinskiy Arkhip Lyulka
Victor Makeyev Artem Mikoyan
Mikhail Mil Alexander Mozhaysky
Alexander Nadiradze Nikolai Polikarpov
Alexander Procofieff de Seversky Guy Severin
Igor Sikorsky Boris Shavyrin
Pavel Sukhoi Vladimir Syromyatnikov
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Alexei Tupolev
Andrei Tupolev Alexander Yakovlev
Vladimir Vakhmistrov Friedrich Zander
Nikolai Zhukovsky

Optics and photography pioneers
Franz Aepinus Dmitry Maksutov
Nikolay Basov Yuri Denisyuk
Ivan Kulibin Sergey Levitsky
Mikhail Lomonosov Alexander Makarov
Dmitry Maksutov Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky
Boris Mamyrin Alexander Prokhorov
Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky Yevgeny Zavoisky

Miscellaneous inventors
Vitaly Abalakov Alexandre Alexeieff
Lisitsyns family Sergey Malyutin
Anatoly Kharlampiev Sergey Malyutin
Vera Mukhina Lucien Olivier
Ivan Polzunov Franz San Galli
Ida Rosenthal Alexander Sablukov
Franz San Galli Yefim Smolin
Viktor Vasnetsov Ludwik Zamenhof

Activists and revolutionaries
Vera Markovna Karelina

Boris Lagutin Alexander Povetkin
Oleg Maskaev Natascha Ragosina
Dmitry Pirog Shamil Sabirov
Oleg Saitov Aleksei Tishchenko
Kostya Tszyu Nikolai Valuev

Iosif Vitebskiy Eduard Vinokurov
David Tyshler Sergey Sharikov
Yakov Rylsky Mark Rakita
Mark Midler Maria Mazina

Figure skaters
Ludmila Belousova Ekaterina Gordeeva
Aleksandr Gorelik Sergei Grinkov
Evgeni Plushenko Gennadi Karponossov
Maxim Staviski Oleg Protopopov
Irina Slutskaya Alexei Urmanov
Alexei Yagudin

Ice hockey players
Maxim Afinogenov Valeri Bure
Yevgeny Babich Pavel Datsyuk
Ilya Bryzgalov Vitaly Davydov
Pavel Bure Sergei Gonchar
Sergei Fedorov Viacheslav Fetisov
Nikolai Khabibulin Valeri Kharlamov
Vladimir Konstantinov Ilya Kovalchuk
Alexei Kovalev Vyacheslav Kozlov
Oleg Kvasha Alfred Kuchevsky
Yuri Lyapkin Igor Larionov
Evgeni Malkin Sergei Makarov
Andrei Markov Boris Mikhailov
Alexander Ovechkin Alexander Radulov
Semyon Varlamov Vladimir Vladimirovich Petrov
Alexei Ponikarovsky Alexander Semin
Alexander Yakushev Vladislav Tretiak
Alexie Yashin Yevgeni Zimin
Viktor Zinger Sergei Zubov

Tennis players
Vera Zvonareva Elena Dementieva
Nikolay Davydenko Yevgeny Kafelnikov
Svetlana Kuznetsova Anna Kournikova
Daniel Prenn Anastasia Myskina
Dinara Safina Marat Safin
Maria Sharapova

Aloisio da Milano Aloisio the New
Alexander Brullov Gavriil Baranovsky
Vasily Bazhenov Joseph Bové
Vincenzo Brenna Charles Cameron
Alberto Cavos Yury Felten
Alexey Dushkin Yury Felten
Aristotile Fioravanti Ivan Fomin
Moisei Ginzburg David Grimm
Alexander Kokorinov Matvei Kazakov
Roman Klein Auguste de Montferrand
Arkady Mordvinov Fyodor Kon
Nikolai Ladovsky Nikolay Lvov
Konstantin Melnikov Georg Johann Mattarnovy
Nikolai Nikitin Bartolomeo Rastrelli
Vyacheslav Oltarzhevsky Petrok Maly
Anatoly Polyansky Alexander Pomerantsev
Giacomo Quarenghi Bartolomeo Rastrelli
Antonio Rinaldi Carlo Rossi
Lev Rudnev Fyodor Schechtel
Vladimir Shchuko Aleksey Shchusev
Vladimir Sherwood Vladimir Shukhov
Konstantin Thon Pietro Antonio Solari
Vasily Stasov Andrei Stackenschneider
Ivan Starov Vladimir Tatlin
Konstantin Thon Domenico Trezzini
Andrey Voronikhin Vesnin brothers
Andrey Voronikhin Postnik Yakovlev
Andreyan Zakharov Mikhail Zemtsov

Fashion models
Alena Shishkova Oxana Fedorova
Irina Antonenko Ksenia Kahnovich
Polina Kouklina Tatiana Kovylina
Irina Kulikova Elena Melnik
Sasha Pivovarova Natasha Polevshchikova
Vlada Roslyakova Inna Zobova
Anne Vyalitsyna Natalia Vodianova
Daria Strokous Natasha Stefanenko
Tatiana Sorokko Katya Shchekina
Irina Shaykhlislamova Anna Selezneva

Opera and choir singers
Nikolay Baskov Feodor Chaliapin
Evgeny Belyaev Anna Netrebko
Elena Pankratova Vladimir Rosing
Elizabeth Sandunova Dmitri Hvorostovsky

Radio and TV people
Joe Adamov Maxim Galkin
Nikolai Fomenko Igor Kirillov
Mikhail Leontyev Vladislav Listyev
Alexander Maslyakov Yevgeny Petrosyan
Yuri Senkevich Kseniya Sobchak
Roman Trakhtenberg Vladimir Turchinsky
Ivan Urgant, Vladimir Voroshilov
Leonid Yakubovich Anatoly Wasserman
Mikhail Zadornov

Ballet dancers and choreographers
Irina Baronova Pavel Gerdt
Mikhail Baryshnikov Alexander Godunov
Sergei Diaghilev Tamara Karsavina
Irina Dvorovenko Mathilde Kschessinska
Michel Fokine Natalia Makarova
Elizaveta Gerdt ivan Novikoff
Vaslav Nijinsky Rudolf Nureyev
Anna Pavlova, Valery Panov
Olga Preobrajenska Maya Plisetskaya
Yuri Soloviev Tatiana Riabouchinska
Galina Ulanova Agrippina Vaganova

Film directors and animators
Fyodor Bondarchuk Alexander Dovzhenko
Grigori Chukhrai Vasily Goncharov
Pavel Chukhrai Sergei Eisenstein
Leonid Gaidai Roman Kachanov
Andrei Konchalovsky Fjodor Khitruk
Elem Klimov Lev Kuleshov
Grigori Kozintsev Aleksandr Petrov
Aleksandr Ptushko Yakov Protazanov
Eldar Ryazanov Mikhail Romm
Karen Shakhnazarov Vasily Shukshin
Alexander Sokurov Genndy Tartakovsky
Ladislas Starevich Andrei Tarkovsky
Dziga Vertov

Vera Alentova Sergei Bodrov, Jr
Sergei Bondarchuk Yul Brynner
Leonid Filatov Armen Dzhigarkhanyan
Lila Kedrova Milla Jovovich
Helen Mirren Nikita Mikhalkov
Lubov Orlova Marina Orlova
Tatiana Samoylova Arkady Raikin
Fyodor Volkov Natalie Wood
Natalie Wood

Air Force
Yekaterina Budanova Valery Chkalov
Mikhail Devyatayev Nikolai Gastello
Alexander Golovanov Sergey Gritsevets
Valentina Grizodubova Mikhail Gromov
Vladimir Ilyushin Nikolai Kamanin
Vladimir Kokkinaki Alexander Kazakov
Ivan Kozhedub Pavel Kutakhov
Sigizmund Levanevsky Ivan Kozhedub
Anatoly Liapidevsky Ivan Nagurski
Lydia Litvyak Alexey Maresyev
Pyotr Nesterov Alexander Novikov
Yevgeny Pepelyaev Viktor Pokrovsky
Alexander Pokryshkin Georgy Prokofiev
Viktor Pugachyov Endel Puusepp
Marina Raskova Yevgeniya Rudneva
Yevgeniya Shakhovskaya Lev Shestakov
Mark Shevelev Yakov Smushkevich
Nelson Stepanyan Nikolay Sutyagin
Andrey Vitruk Victor Talalikhin
Mikhail Vodopianov Yekaterina Zelenko

Economists and sociologists
Alexander Chayanov Georges Gurvitch
Leonid Kantorovich Nikolai Kondratiev
Andrey Korotayev Gleb Krzhizhanovsky
Simon Kuznets Vladimir Lenin
Evsei Liberman Wassily Leontief
Vasily Nemchinov Pitirim Sorokin
Stanislav Strumilin

Biologists and palaeontologists
Johann Friedrich Adam Karl Baer
Nikolai Bernstein Andrey Bolotov
Alexander Chizhevsky Andrey Famintsyn
Yuri Filipchenko Johann Georg Gmelin
Alexander Gurwitsch Ilya Ivanov
Dmitry Ivanovsky Georgii Karpechenko
Nikolai Koltsov Vladimir Komarov
Ilya Mechnikov Konstantin Merezhkovsky
Victor Motschulsky Sergei Navashin
Ivan Michurin Alexander Middendorf
Alexey Olovnikov Aleksandr Oparin
Heinz Christian Pander Peter Simon Pallas
Ivan Pavlov Vladimir Pravdich-Neminsky
Carl Schmidt Boris Schwanwitsch
Ivan Sechenov Georg Wilhelm Steller
Steller’s eider Lina Stern
Armen Takhtajan Kliment Timiryazev
Lev Tsenkovsky Mikhail Tsvet
Sergey Vinogradsky Ivan Yefremov
Sergey Zimov


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