Largest Islands In Europe

Largest Islands In Europe includes the name, Area Square kilometre and area square miles, largest Island in Europe is Great Britain covering 93,627.8 Area Square Miles

50 Fascinating Travel Facts

Fascinating Travel Facts, Iran is home to the second oldest tree on earth, Russia is bigger than Pluto, Travel can make you more creative, Chine covers five times zone

largest island in the world

largest island in the world by Area sq mile: Greenland 822,700 sq mile, New Guinea 303,381 sq mile, Borneo 288,869 sq mile, Madagascar 226,658 sq mile, Great Britain 80,823 sq mile

Abbey of Saint-Remi Basilica

The Abbey of Saint-Remi was founded in the sixth century and consecrated by Pope Leo IX in 1049, its the oldest church in Remi and one of the finest in Northern France, built in Romanesque style. [...]

Evolution of Trevi fountain

Evolution of Trevi fountain, situated in the trevi district in Rome, built in 1762 & designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi, How Trevi fountain Changed over the years

Palace of Tau in Reims

Palace of Tau was built between 1498 &1509 on the site of a former Gallo Roman house, Kings of France were dressed for the coronation at the palace of Tau

Top Things To Do In Montpellier

Top Things To Do In Montpellier From its medieval streets ideal for shopping to new neighbourhoods combining natural spaces, Top Things To Do In Montpellier visit Montpellier Cathedral, Porte du [...]