34 Informative Facts About Stockholm

Facts About Stockholm The first mention of Stockholm occurred in 1252, sometime after the city was chartered by Birger Jarl. Skansen is the first open-air museum and zoo in Sweden and is located [...]

8 Wonderful Facts About Norrköping

Facts About Norrköping Norrköping is a city in the county of Östergötland in Sweden. It is the seat of the Norrköping Municipality. The city has medieval foundations by settlers around the Motala [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Linköping

Facts About Linköping Linköping is a town in the county of Östergötland in Sweden. It is the seat of Linköping Municipality and Östergötland County. Linköping wants to create a sustainable [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Örebro

Facts About Örebro Örebro is home to Örebro University, a major university hospital, a medieval castle, the water park Gustavsvik as well as several large shopping malls and the [...]

10 Informative Västerås Facts

Västerås Facts Västerås is one of the oldest cities in Sweden and Northern Europe. Västerås is a city in the county of Västmanland in Sweden. The Population of Västerås is 152,078, as of 2018. [...]

10 Informative Facts About Jönköping

Facts About Jönköping Jönköping is situated at the southern end of Sweden’s second-largest lake, Vättern, in the province of Småland. Jönköping is the seat of a district court and a court [...]

10 Informative Facts About Halmstad

Facts About Halmstad Halmstad is a town in the county of Halland in Sweden. It is the seat of Halmstad Municipality. Halmstad, at the time part of the Kingdom of Denmark, received its first city [...]

8 Interesting Facts About Ystath

Facts About Ystath In 1285, the town’s name was written Ystath. Its original meaning is not fully understood, but the “y” is probably related to an old word for the yew tree. [...]

10 Informative Facts About Vaxholm

Facts About Vaxholm Vaxholm is a locality and the seat of Vaxholm Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden. The town of Vaxholm was established in 1558 when King Gustav Vasa bought some farms from [...]