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6 Interesting Facts About Horki

Facts About Horki

  • Horki is a town in the Mogilev Region of Belarus, an administrative centre of Horki District.
  • Horki was mentioned in written sources (“The Lithuanian Chronicles”) in 1544 as a village.
  • On December 26, 1861, the Tsarist government ordered to change the status of the village to status of a town.
  • During World War II, Horki was under German occupation from 12 July 1941 until 26 June 1944.
  • Current emblem and the flag of the city approved by Presidential Decree 24 August 2006 “On establishing the official heraldic symbols of administrative and territorial units of Mogilev region.”
  • The estimated population of Horki is 32,777.
Interesting Facts About Horki
Interesting Facts About Horki

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