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6 Interesting Facts About Karosta

Facts About Karosta

  1. Karosta is a former Russian and Soviet naval base on the Baltic sea, which today is a neighbourhood in Liepāja, Latvia.
  2. Built By order of the Tsar of Russia Alexander III, construction of an extensive fortress and military city began in 1890. It was originally named the Port of Emperor Alexander III.
  3. During Lavian independence after World War I, the base was called Kara osta (War Port in Latvian), later shortened to Karaosta and Karosta.
  4. Karosta military prison has now been converted into a museum
  5. In 2008 Ivory Tower Pictures produced a television documentary called Karosta: Life After the USSR directed by Peter King.
  6. When the Soviet Union army left Latvia in 1994 after the restoration of Latvian independence, Karosta became largely uninhabited and most structures fell to ruin.
Facts About Karosta
Interesting Facts About Karosta

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