Facts About Lake Galvė

  1. Lake Galvė is a lake in Trakai Lithuania.
  2. Lake Galvė has 21 islands, and one of them houses Trakai Island Castle.
  3. There are ruins of the little Orthodox church in Bažnytėlė Island.
  4. The Max depth of the Lake is 46.7 m.
  5. The houses have three windows on the street side. these houses and windows have a deeper meaning to them, the legend says that those windows are dedications: first one dedicated to God, the second one for the residents, and the third one to Vytautas the Great, who gave permission for them to settle in this city.
  6. The Surface area of Lake Galvė is 3.61 km2.
Interesting Facts About Lake Galvė
Interesting Facts About Lake Galvė

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