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7 Interesting Facts About Giewont

Facts About Giewont

  1. Giewont is composed of dolomite and limestone caves, as well as gneiss and granite in the southern section.
  2. On Great Giewont, there is a 15 m steel cross, erected in 1901, the site of religious pilgrimages.
  3. On 22 August 2019 four people were killed and hundreds were injured during an unexpected 2019 Tatras’ thunderstorm.
  4. The first recorded ascent to Giewont’s summit was undertaken in 1830 by mountaineers Franciszek Herbich and Aleksander Zawadzki.
  5. The first winter ascent of Giewont occurred in 1904 by a group of five mountaineers led by Mariusz Zaruski.
  6. In Polish folklore, it is associated with a legend about sleeping knights, who will awake when Poland is in danger.
  7. Giewont is comprised of three peaks: mall Giewont, 1,728 m; Great Giewont, 1,895 m & Long Giewont, 1,867 m.
Interesting Facts About Giewont
Interesting Facts About Giewont

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