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7 Interesting Facts About Gulbene

Facts About Gulbene

  1. Historical documents first mention the 1224 land division act between the Order of the Sword Brothers and the Archbishop of Riga
  2. Gulbene has a basketball team, Gulbenes Buki, playing in the higher division of the Latvian basketball league.
  3. Gulbene is Twinned with: Babruysk, Belarus; Rietavas, Lithuania & Them, Denmark.
  4. The Population of Gulbene is 7,304, as of 2019.
  5. The most architecturally significant building in the area is the passenger building at Gulbene railway station, built-in 1926 by the well-known professor of architecture Peteris Feders (1868 – 1936).
  6. The area of Gulbene is 11.898 km2.
  7. Gulbene is a town and administrative centre of Gulbene Municipality in northeastern Latvia.
Facts About Gulbene
Interesting Facts About Gulbene

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