Facts About Gulbene

  1. Historical documents first mention the 1224 land division act between the Order of the Sword Brothers and the Archbishop of Riga
  2. Gulbene has a basketball team, Gulbenes Buki, playing in the higher division of the Latvian basketball league.
  3. Gulbene is Twinned with: Babruysk, Belarus; Rietavas, Lithuania & Them, Denmark.
  4. The Population of Gulbene is 7,304, as of 2019.
  5. The most architecturally significant building in the area is the passenger building at Gulbene railway station, built-in 1926 by the well-known professor of architecture Peteris Feders (1868 – 1936).
  6. The area of Gulbene is 11.898 km2.
  7. Gulbene is a town and administrative centre of Gulbene Municipality in northeastern Latvia.
Facts About Gulbene
Interesting Facts About Gulbene

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