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Interesting Facts About Nurmes

7 Interesting Facts About Nurmes

Facts About Nurmes

  1. Nurmes is a town and municipality of Finland. It was located in the former province of Eastern Finland until 2010 and is now in the North Karelia region.
  2. The municipality is officially unilingually Finnish, but in 2009, Finland’s first Karelian language “nest” was established in Nurmes.
  3. Key industries of Nurmes are wood industry, food industry and metal and mechanical engineering.
  4. Nurmes is twinned with: Laholm, Sweden; Møn, Denmark; Ørsta, Norway; Volda, Norway & Segezha, Russia.
  5. The Population of Nurmes is 7,619, as of 31 January 2019.
  6. There is three hiking areas in Nurmes: Raesärkkä, Mujejärvi & Lake Peurajärvi.
  7. Nurmes declared Finland’s Christmas Song City in 2005 and the European Christmas Song City in 2009.
Interesting Facts About Nurmes
Interesting Facts About Nurmes