7 Interesting Facts About Ogre, Latvia

Facts About Ogre

  1. Ogre is composed of three parts: Jaunogre, Ogre, and Pārogre.
  2. The Ogre village was first mentioned in 1206, called “Oger” in German.
  3. Ogre is twinned with: Ånge, Sweden; Basarabeasca, Moldova; Chernihiv, Ukraine; Hengelo, Netherlands; Jõhvi, Estonia; Joué-lès-Tours, France; Kelmė, Lithuania; Kerava, Finland; Maymana, Afghanistan & Slonim, Belarus.
  4. Ogre received the town rights in 1929.
  5. The town has a cemetery with the remains of German soldiers who died during the First and Second World Wars, or died in captivity between 1944 and 1951.
  6. The name of the town comes from the Ogre river.
  7. The Population of Ogre is 23,232, as of 2019.
 Facts About Ogre, Latvia

Facts About Ogre, Latvia

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