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7 Interesting Facts About Olaine

Facts About Olaine

  1. Olaine is twinned with: Karlskoga, Sweden; Nowa Sarzyna, Poland; Ödeshög, Sweden; Riihimäki, Finland & Vadstena, Sweden.
  2. Olaine is home of Olainfarm, the second-largest pharmaceutical company in Latvia.
  3. The history of Olaine is closely connected to a nearby peat bog first taken into use in 1940.
  4. The name comes from the Saint Olai Church, built by the Misa river under Swedish rule in the 17th century.
  5. n 1919 “Olai” was renamed to “Olaine”, in line with the Latvianisation of topological names all over Latvia.
  6. Olaine received its town rights in 1967.
  7. Olaine is a city in Latvia and the capital of the Olaine Municipality.
Interesting Facts About Olaine
Interesting Facts About Olaine

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