7 Interesting Facts About Three Crosses

Facts About Three Crosses

  1. The original three crosses was torn down in 1950 by order of the Soviet authorities. A new monument designed by Henrikas Šilgalis was erected in its place in 1989.
  2. Three Crosses is a prominent monument in Vilnius, Lithuania, on the Hill of Three Crosses, originally known as the Bald Hill, in Kalnai Park.
  3. The monument was depicted on 50 litas banknote.
  4. The original wooden Three Crosses were built on the Bleak Hill, the place where seven friars were beheaded, sometime before 1649.
  5. The rebuilt crosses now are 1.8 metres higher than those of 1916.
  6. Broken pieces of the old monument can be seen several meters below the rebuilt monument.
  7. Legend has it that long ago seven Franciscan monks were crucified here.
Interesting Facts About Three Crosses

Interesting Facts About Three Crosses

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