Facts About St. Florian’s Gate

  • St. Florian’s Gate was built as part of a protective rampart around Kraków after the Tatar attack of 1241 which destroyed most of the city.
  • Kraków’s Royal Road begins at St. Florian’s Gate, and the gate is a terminating vista at its north end.
  • The inner wall was some 2.4 meters wide and 6-7 meters high.
  • The Gate tower is 33.5 metres tall.
  • The Baroque metal “helmet” that crowns the gate, constructed in 1660 and renovated in 1694, adds another metre to the height of the gate.
  • St. Florian’s Gate or Florian Gate in Kraków, Poland, is one of the best-known Polish Gothic towers, and a focal point of Kraków’s Old Town.
  • The gate named after St. Florian became the main entryway to the Old Town.
  • St. Florian’s Gate was first mentioned in 1307.
Facts About St. Florian’s Gate
Facts About St. Florian’s Gate

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