8 Informative Facts About Helsingborg

Facts About Helsingborg

  1. Helsingborg is one of the oldest cities of what is now Sweden. It has been the site of permanent settlement officially since 21 May 1085.
  2. On 20 October 1811 Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, Marshal of France, and crown prince-elect of Sweden took his first step on Swedish soil in Helsingborg on his journey from Paris to Stockholm.
  3. The Population of Helsingborg is 147,734, as of 2019.
  4. Helsingborg exhibition of 1955, also known as H55, was a BIE recognized world’s fair held in Helsingborg, Sweden held between 10 June and 28 August 1955.
  5. It was first mentioned as a town in 1085 and was of great military and political importance during the Middle Ages because of its strong fortress.
  6. Helsingborg is the 2nd biggest city in Skane.
  7. Helsingborg located 56.05 latitudes and 12.69 longitudes and it is situated at an elevation 13 meters above sea level.
  8. Helsingborg Marathon was first held in 2014, it’s now one of the biggest in Sweden.
Facts About Helsingborg

Informative Facts About Helsingborg

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