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8 Interesting Facts About Plungė

Facts About Plungė

  1. On January 13, 1792, Plungė was granted Magdeburg rights.
  2. Origin of the name Plungė is not clear enough. The most persuasive theory is that the name of the city is issued from the name of river Paplunga which flowed through the city.
  3. Plungė is twinned with:Bjerkreim, Norway; Boxholm, Sweden; Bruntál, Czech Republic; Golub-Dobrzyń, Poland; Krasnogorsk, Russia; Kvareli, Georgia; Menden, Germany; Tukums, Latvia & Viljandi, Estonia.
  4. The coat of arms of Plungė was affirmed by the decree of the President on June 6, 1997
  5. In 2009 Plungė was elected Lithuanian Capital of Culture.
  6. Plungė is the sixteenth largest city of Lithuania.
  7. The Population of Plungė is 18,904.
  8. Before World War II, Plungė had a large Jewish population.
Facts About Plungė
Facts About Plungė

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