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Photos of Exeter

10 Amazing Facts about Exeter



  1. The Exeter Guildhall is the oldest civic building in Britain, parts of the building dates as far back as 1160.

  2. Exeter was founded by the Romans, once called Isca and was the tribal capital of the Domnonirums.

  3. There are 7 other places around the world called Exeter, including Towns in Canada, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

  4. During Medieval Britain, Exeter had man-made drinking water system that brought pure spring water into the city.

  5. Exeter was the last place where a woman was trialed and executed for witchcraft.

  6. The Royal Clarence Hotel is the oldest in Britain, which was built in 1769 and some parts can be dated back to the 1500’s.

  7. Famous people that come from Exeter include JK Rowling, Chris Martin, Tommy Cooper and William Temple, among others.

  8. The Cathedral of St Peter dates back to 1050 and was rebuilt in 1258 In decorative gothic style.

  9. If you go out in Exeter you are likely to be caught on camera over 300 times a day.

  10. The estimated population of Exeter is around 144,328 and has the second highest population in Devon.



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  1. We used to holiday in Woodbury Common in East Devon and used to visit Exeter a lot. Exeter Ship Canal makes the River Exe navigable right up to Exeter Quays in the city centre, a great vibrant area with many pubs, bars and restaurants…..we particularly loved Exeter Cathedral and the green around it to sit with a coffee taking in the atmosphere, while reading a book from one of the bookshops surrounding the Cathedral Green. Exeter is an exceptional place to visit for its history and heritage and is one of the nicest and most welcoming cities in the UK……

  2. Welcome to Exeter – My Productions

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