Amsterdam facts & figures

 In Amsterdam, Europe, Netherlands

Amsterdam in numbers


Inhabitants 834,713
Inhabitants in Amsterdam Metropolitan Area 2,388,318
Nationalities 180
Mayor 1
Night Mayor 1


Trams 213
Busiest tram line 1
Electric vehicle charging points 650
Bicycles (estimated) 881,000
Ferry routes 9
Metro Lines 4
Public Parking Spaces in City Center 19,580+

Places & Facilities

Markets 32
Shops 6,159
Restaurants 1,325
Cinemas 15
Cafés and bars 1,515
Hotel beds 37,627
5-star hotels 14
Clubs 16
Theatres and concert halls: 55
Museums 44
Royal Palace 1
Parks 40
 Art galleries  141


Houseboats 2,500
16th, 17th and 18th century buildings 8,863


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