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Benefits of contributing:
  • Improving your SEO, by having a sites link back to your blog
  • Advertising your Social Media & Blog for Free
  • Earn Money, For every 1000 views that your post receives.
  • Personal Profile that will promote you and your blog/websites.
  • Become a writer for isolated traveller
  • Promotions available


Be authentic – We cannot accept any piece of writing that has been published anywhere else on the Internet. All articles will have to be original.

*You can also send videos’s, or embed codes for videos you have uploaded to YouTube*

*If you would like to submit a photo-blog / photo essay, then we need at least 250 words and at least 6 photographs*

About Your Self (optional)  We want to know who we are working with & so are readers will know something about you and its a good way to give yourself and your blog some promotion. (optional)
  • short author bio
  • including links to your personal website
  • social media profiles
You can submit the article below, photographs etc can be sent over email once we had a look through your content. All information you provide us, will be kept confidential
How to Sign up to be a Contributor  Top corner above the Website logo, you should see a black bar with white writing, look for ‘sign in/ Join’, click on that, should come up with a pop up blue screen. On the login / Join screen, below Login button, Should have ‘Create Account’ Click on that and enter the details, ‘Your Email address’ & ‘Your Username’, enter the details and you have now registered. Final step, Just email us ( or feel in the details below, so you can become an official contributor. once you become a contributor, you can post any many posts you like, after we are happy with your content, you will be promote, and become a higher member of staff on isolated traveller. Anyone & Everyone can be a Contributor for isolated traveller but you have to earn it to be an editor.

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