10 Interesting Facts About Morskie Oko

Facts About Morskie Oko Morskie Oko is the largest and fourth deepest lake in the Tatra Mountains, in southern Poland Morskie Oko is known as the Eye of the Sea in English. Morskie Oko is [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Radom

Facts About Radom The international Radom Jazz Festival and the International Gombrowicz Theater Festival are held in the city. The city is home to the biennial Radom Air Show, the largest and [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Torun

Facts About Torun Toruń is renowned for the Museum of Gingerbread, whose baking tradition dates back nearly a millennium In 1997 the medieval part of the city was designated a UNESCO World [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Częstochowa

Facts About Częstochowa The city is known for the famous Pauline monastery of Jasna Góra, which is the home of the Black Madonna painting, a shrine to the Virgin Mary. The name of Częstochowa [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Katowice

Facts About Katowice Katowice is a centre of science, culture, industry, business, trade, and transportation in Upper Silesia and southern Poland, and the main city in the Upper Silesian [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Poznań

Facts About Poznań Poznań is classified as a Gamma- global city by Globalization and World Cities Research Network. The official patron saints of Poznań are Saint Peter and Paul of Tarsus, the [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Wrocław

Facts About Wrocław Wrocław is home to 10 Nobel Prize Winners, They are: Theodor Mommsen (1902), Philipp Lenard (1905), Eduard Buchner (1907), Paul Ehrlich (1908), Gerhart Hauptmann (1912), Fritz [...]