Royal Albert Memorial Museum

Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, the short name for it is ‘RAMM’, It’s a museum and art gallery in Exeter, its the largest museum in the city. It holds vast and [...]

Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast located on the English Channel Coast, stretches from the Exmouth in East Devon to the Studland Bay in Dorset, which is a distance of 96 miles. The geological history spans over [...]

Exeter’s Underground Passages

Exeter’s Underground Passages were medieval tunnels built to house led pipes which were used to supply Exeter with fresh water. These are the only passages of this kind open to the public [...]

Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral is also known as the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter at Exeter, it’s a Anglican Cathedral and seats the Bishop of Exeter. The Building was completed around the 1400’s [...]

Finchale Priory

Finchale Priory is located on the River wear, where the remains of Finchale Priory stands, the castle was founded in the 1196, where the hermitage of St Godric, who was a retired sailor and [...]

Durham University Museum of Archaeology

The Museum of Archaeology founded in 1833, It was the second University Museum in England to open its doors to the public. The Museum has collections from Ancient Greece, Prehistoric and Roman to [...]

10 Facts You Might Not Know About Durham

  The name “Durham” comes from the Old English “dun”, meaning hill, and the Old Norse “holme”, which translates to island, ‘Hill Island’ [...]

Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral was built in the late 11th and early 12th centuries It was founded as a monastic cathedral built to house the shrine of St Cuthbert, ‘Evangelizer of Northumbria’, [...]

Durham University Botanic Garden

The Durham university Botanic lawn is a botanical lawn located in Durham, the garden is is 25 acres of mature woodlands inside the southern outskirts of the city. The botanic gardens had been [...]

Durham Statistics and figures

Durham in numbers POPULATION Source: UK National Statistics TOTAL TRAFFIC on major roads, in thousand vehicle miles, Year: 2016 source: Department of Transport  CASUALTY TYPES Source: Durham [...]