Italy is a democratic Republic, founded on labor

Photos of Lucca

Photographs of Lucca

Lucca is located on the apuan alps, its part of the Tuscany Region, on the serchio river, the city is known for its Renaissance...
Photos of Genoa

Photographs of Genoa

Genoa is the capital city of the northwest of Italy's liguria region, the largest port city in the north-west of Italy, Genoa has a...
Photographs of Bari

Photographs of Bari

Bari is in the Puglia region, it’s the capital city of that region and a port city located on the Adriatic Sea, it’s the...
Isolatedtraveller Photographs of Florence

Photographs of Florence

Florence a beautiful city once a wealthy city, it has slowly became a famous tourist spot, with over 10 million people visiting the city...