Contemporary Art Museum MACA

Contemporary Art Museum MACA

The MACA Museum is located in the cities oldest surviving civil building,the building dates back to the 1685, in old town of Alicante, the...
Plaza de Toros y Museo Taurino de Alicante

Bull Ring (Plaza de Toros)

The bullring is an area where the bullfighting is performed, The Plaza de toros was built in 1848 by architect Emilio Jover Before the fight Bullfighters...
The Town Hall of Alicante City

The Town Hall of Alicante City

The Alicante city hall or as known as Ayuntamiento de Alicante, is a building that has two high towers, 165 foot, standing at each...
The Mercado Central Market

The Mercado Central Market

The Mercado Central Market is was designed by Francisco Guardia and Alejandro Soler in 1914, its around 8,000 square meters, styled in Valencian Style,...
Archaeological Museum of Alicante building

Archaeological Museum of Alicante

Archaeological Museum of Alicante also known as MARQ is a museum created in 1932, offers it's visitors a interesting and wonderful experience through out...
Facts about Alicante

25 Amazing Fact about Alicante

Fun & Interesting  Facts About Alicante   Alicante is a Spanish city ,the capital of the province of Alicante The Romans named Alicante “Lucentum,” which means “City...
photographs Alicante, Spain

Photographs of Alicante

Alicante beautiful city known for its stunning castle that has a hilltop view of the beautiful Mediterranean cost, with ‘white coast’ beaches. the hot temperature...

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