Pane e Pomodoro

This public sandy seashore, which has a bar and a green region. one of the best places to come and relax and enjoy the sun in bari. The Beach offers showers, toilets and an area to keep your [...]

Lungomare e Murat

Lungomare e Murat   Lungomere is a terrific seaside overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Take a walk to take inside the cool breeze off the water and pay attention to the waves gently breaking at [...]

Bari Cathedral

The building was built between the late 12th and the late 13th centuries, the Bari cathedral was built on top of a ruins of the the Imperial Byzantine cathedral which was destroyed in the 1156 by [...]

10 Facts You Might Not Know About Bari

10 Facts You Might Not Know About Bari   1. The city of Bari is divided into four urban centres. 2. Bari’s Airport is named after Pope John Paul the Second, Karol Wojtyła Airport. 3. [...]

Foresta di Mercadante

The Mercadante wooded area, that is considered the lung of Bari, extends over the area of the Municipality of Cassano delle Murge and in part in that of the Municipality of Altamura and [...]

Pinacoteca metropolitana di Bari

The museum homes numerous collections, which encompass a selection of valuable paintings from the Venetian college of the fifteenth and 16th centuries. Founded on July 12, 1928, located in side [...]

Castello Normanno-Svevo

The Castello Svevo is a castle built in 1132 by the Norman King Roger the 2nd, however was later destroyed by King William the first of Sicily and then rebuilt and reinforced in 1233 by the Holy [...]

Photographs of Bari

Bari is in the Puglia region, it’s the capital city of that region and a port city located on the Adriatic Sea, it’s the second largest city in the south of Italy, after Naples, being a historic [...]