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The condition of being physically fit and healthy.

Exercises while travelling

Exercises you can do anywhere in the world

At some point in our life we end up travelling, could be for business, pleasure or even on a long adventure, you could travel...

Being Alone Might Mean You’re Smart

Being alone can possibly make you feel isolated from the outside and can even make you feel a bit depressed, which in time can make you feel like you are missing out, which is a feeling of social exclusion, However for some people who are shy/Introvert can mean that you are in fact be smart.

Active UpBeat: Bend of Whey and Fruit Smoothie

Personal Opinion; Upbeat active is promoting it self as a healthy drink, Here are some of the benefits that the label tells us; high in protein, Amino Acids, Natural Sugars and Calcium.

Researchers are now developing a way to fix failing hearts

Researchers are now developing a way to fix injuries to hearts, they are using grafts of heart tissues to try and fix failing hearts...

Strange Effects Of Stress

Stress is when you are under too much emotional or metal pressure, then that pressure makes you stressed, this will then lead you to...

Ditching Meat and going Vegan

Ditching meat and going vegan, is it really good for us or can it impact our health If done correctly, having a good vegan diet...

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