Backpackers Travel Guide

Guide on how to surivor a backing adventure, includes all tips and advice about fiance, technology, gear, planning, hostels, scams and safety,

Travel Safety and Security advice

Travelling around the world you get to see a lot of things from good to bad, however in every country there are good people and there are some bad, its just how it goes, but travelling can be [...]

Best Travel Tips

Just bit of advise for people who love to travel and those who always wanted to travel Don’t Go Into Debt Travelling abroad can be costly specially when you add up flights, transport, [...]

WiFi Passwords in Airports worldwide

WiFi around airports can be tricky to get a hand of, specially when some airports offer free WiFi but the speeds are so bad, you can't use them . This article will help you with that problem.

Last Minute Travels

Travelling can be a stressful time, specially when its a last minute vacation, however most people don't take any time off from their stressful work life, but having a holiday is really an [...]

Best Places to Travel 2017

lonely planet has released a new guide book, on the best places to travel for 2017.we know the world is a big and scary place to travel, but do you really know yourself until you traveled the [...]