10 Worlds Longest Train Journeys

Trains are one of the oldest modern transport currently available, from steam trains to now high end electric trains, trains and transport is changing, trains have changed the way we travel since 1804, trains are designed to be cheap and can travel long distances.

20 Best Locations from Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones is one of the most popular TV shows in the world, millions of people watch each episode and its also known to be the most pirate copied show in the world, so its not a surprise to you that each episode has some beautiful locations but not all these locations are CGI made and actually real life locations around the world. The producers have chosen locations from around two continents and over eight different countries.

20 Countries with the Highest Life Expectancy

List of Countries with the highest life expectancy, posted by the Worlds Health Organization

5 Reasons to carry a portable Battery Charger

Devices such as smartphone, tablets and laptops are being used none stop, and the battery doesn't last long, this is why portable power banks are needed, heres 5 reasons why you should have a portable battery charger

5 Things to hate about backpacking

Backpacking around the world can be some of a challenge, you are put in a situation that you might not of been before, people come from all sort of places and each one deals with things differently, so when you travelling you will come across things you dislike, love and find annoying, but its all part of the backpackers adventure, here are some things backpackers hate about travelling as a backpacker.

9 Reasons to go travelling

Travelling around the world shouldn’t need any excuses or reasons but I have provided some of my ideas and hopefully it will make help...

Top 10 Island Destinations

If you looking for a vacation or a journey these islands are the perfect choice, they're one of the most beautiful places on planet...

20 Best Countries To Travel For English Speakers

Travelling around the world can bring a lot of challenges however language barriers is one of the biggest problems, however EF Educations First have ranked 72 countries by English proficiency and have stated which are the top 20 countries where English will travel the best.

12 ways Opening a Beer via Giphy

We all know that some times opening a bottle of beer is simple and can be done in seconds with a bottle opener but what if you don't have a bottle opener and don't like using your teeth, here are some gifs that will amaze you, some people can be very talented doing something silly as opening a bottle of beer.

TOP Travel Apps You Must Have

Smartphone have changed the way we travel, no more unnecessary time needed to plan a trip, learn the language or even book a hotel,...

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