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Countries That Start With The Letter X

There are No Countries that begin with the Letter X, X is the only letter in the English alphabet that is not used in a country name.

The following are countries starting with the Letter “X”

  • No Current Countries that begin with the Letter X

Which Countries Start With The Letter X?

No Current Countries uses Letter X in their Name, however, There are a few previous countries that do not exist at present that had names beginning with X:  The Xixia Empire, The Xiongnu Khanate & The Xia Dynasty.

The Xiongnu were a tribal confederation of nomadic peoples who, according to ancient Chinese sources, inhabited the eastern Eurasian Steppe from the 3rd century BC to the late 1st century AD. Chinese sources report that Modu Chanyu, the supreme leader after 209 BC, founded the Xiongnu Empire.

The Xia dynasty is the first dynasty in traditional Chinese historiography. According to tradition, the Xia dynasty was established by the legendary Yu the Great, after Shun, the last of the Five Emperors gave the throne to him. In the traditional historiography, the Xia was later succeeded by the Shang dynasty.

Xi Xia, also spelt Xixia, Wade-Giles romanization Hsi Hsia, English Western Xia, the kingdom of the Tibetan-speaking Tangut tribes that was established in 1038 and flourished until 1227. It was located in what are now the northwestern Chinese provinces of Gansu and Shaanxi.


Countries That Start With The Letter X
Countries That Start With The Letter X

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