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Daily Pictures of Planet Earth by a Startup Company iss038e044916 startup company

Daily Pictures of Planet Earth by a Startup Company

New startup company will take pictures of planet earth every day and the images will then be shared to the world, the startup company hopes to promote global change and now over two years in the company’s life spawn, it finally taken pictures of the planet, it’s taken over 50 million square kilometers of the Earth every day.

Will Marshall, co-founder and CEO of the startup said:

“that they aim to make global change visible, accessible, and actionable for everyone.”

Will Marshall has also showed of the size of the satellites, and they are around the same size as a brick, now that’s not that big compare to the standard satellites which are around the same size as double decker bus, however the startup company has sent over 130 of this small satellites into space.


This service is free to access however if you would like more high quality and quantity of images, you will have to sign up to a more paid premium.

The company has also signed a deal with National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.