I enjoy answering my readers questions but here are some more frequent and helpful FAQs, I am asked on social media and on site.


How did you get started?

I Technically started blogging in November 2016 but only really started to talk about travelling and exploring the world in January 2017, where I officially renamed my blog to “Isolatedtraveller” and went from a free WordPress account to a self-hosting website.

How do you make money with the blog?

There is number of ways you can make money with blogs but as a small blogger, making money is a lot harder than the more established bloggers, Currently, Isolated Traveller Makes no Money, Once the site hits 1,000 views per day, I will then look into making this blog profitable

I want to start a blog, What’s your advice?

I want to start a blog, What’s your advice?

When you start the best thing to do is to always write, making sure to be clear with what you are saying and have beautiful images to support your text. the best thing to write about is something you are passionate about, it flows a lot easier. Make sure you do not give up, and keep writing and always look to improve the layout and design of your blog.

I want to start a blog. What host should I use?

You can start a blog using WordPress.com, it gives you a free account and website with some really basic templates, you can later map a domain and get WordPress professional to get adverts on your site to make a little money but you probably lose money doing this as your blog is new and wouldn’t get many viewers so money from word ads will be hardly anything but you can later get a self hosted website, I use Bluehost, as many others do, then purchased a theme from Elegant Themes.

I’m a travel blogger. Does my blog need to be in English?

Correct answer is No but it helps a lot having your blog translated into English, when a English reader visits your site, why? well English is one of the most spoken languages in the world and the 2nd most spoken language in the world, having access to that visitor base is a huge deal. IsolatedTraveller is written in English however supports over languages as well.

Why the name ‘Isolatedtraveller’?

I really don’t know, Isolated traveller just felt like a good name and the domain was available to purchase.