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Flag of Algeria

Flag of Algeria

The national flag of Algeria was adopted on 3rd of July 1962, It consists of two equal vertical bars, green and white, In the centre with a red star and crescent, a symbol of Islam as the nation’s prominent faith.

Flag of Algeria
Flag of Algeria


Flag of Algeria Design and Colour Scheme

Flag vertically divided green-white with a red crescent and star in the middle.

  • The white colour stands for uprightness and honesty.
  • The colour green, the half-moon and the star are symbols of Islam.
  • The Colour red is the colour of socialism.

Brief History about the Flag of Algeria

Earlier history prior to Algeria, the Berber Dynasties ruled the area known as Algeria, In 1229 The Zayyanid Dynasty ruled
the Kingdom of Tlemcen, which was an area of north-western Algeria, and their flag was a blue field with the white
crescent moon. While at the same time the Hafsid Dynasty had territories stretched from east of modern Algeria to

The region of Algeria was part of the Ottoman Empire, which ruled until it became part of the French Territory. Algeria gained its independence and the Flag of Algeria was established, the current flag was adopted on July 3rd 1962. 

Flag of Algeria
Flag of Algeria



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