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Flag of Bydgoszcz

The Flag of Bydgoszcz

The Flag of Bydgoszcz has three horizontal stripes and the city crest is situated in the centre of the flag. The colours of the flag, from the top: White, Red and Blue. 

The crest of Bydgoszcz is a white field and red crenellated city wall, with a gate and three keeps, with the central one being higher and bigger. In each keep, one can see an arched window, whereas keep roofs are blue with golden balls. On the ball of the middle keep, there is a golden wind direction indicator turned to the right side. A gate with a lifted golden portcullis is seen in the wall. The right gate wing is open, and the gate opening is silver. The gate wings are blue and ferrules are golden

The Flag of Bydgoszcz
The Flag of Bydgoszcz

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