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Ditching Meat and going Vegan o vegetarian facebook Ditching Meat and going Vegan

Ditching Meat and going Vegan

Ditching meat and going vegan, is it really good for us or can it impact our health

If done correctly, having a good vegan diet can make us incredibly healthy and reduce number of risks such lower risk of heart disease, improve high blood pressure, diabetes and even result in living longer.

We receive a lot of benefits from eating meat such as: protein, nutrients such as iron, zinc and selenium and vitamins a,b and d.

Going vegan doesn’t mean just eating vegetables and fruits but its actually having plant based foods which can be beans, pulses, tofu, quinoa and many more, also soya based products.

research has been made where vegan diets actually have higher amount of fiber in their diets. vegan diets also have valuable pant compounds called phytonutrients which helps to fight disease but also give plants their colour.

Vegan diets still allows you to have sugar which means if you eat foods high in sugar it can cause a lot of health problems.

This is why they say you need to still plan your diet, even if you are a vegan, making sure you have all the nutritional benefits your body needs. However if you have a balanced diet you can still eat meat and receive a health benefits.