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Making an eBook might sound overwhelming and hard to do but that’s not the case.
Just about anyone can create a modern and effective eBook.

You really have to make the eBook look good and have the right format, that’s probably the hardest part, it has to look the part.
eBooks are now essential to bloggers, they have a huge impact on any successful blog or marketing program.

How to create an eBook using Microsoft Word

Open up Microsoft Word
Create a cover page, you can use a simple one that Microsoft provides, select cover page by going in to insert → cover page →select one →edited it to your liking.
Here’s one I done, took me less than 2 minute to create.

Ebook cover page
After you create a cover page, you can go in to another page and create the index page, index page should provide the following information:

  • List of each chapter
  • If the chapter needs breaking down you can do that as well, of cause this depends how much information you put in.
  • This is optional but you can also include your social media apps such as twitter, Facebook, website.

Example below:


After creating an index and cover page, you will need a chapter page, which then all you have to do is the same thing as you did before design each page to your liking, however keep to one stay for chapter pages and text pages, just so its simple and consistent.



That’s the most simplest and easiest way, you can design an eBook, if you think about it, eBooks are really not hard to design however the more time you put in to it, the better quality the eBook will be.

Exporting Microsoft Word in to PDF; which you will have a completed eBook to publish to others.

Go in to: File → Export → Create PDF/XPS Document → Save 


Congrats, you have now learned how to create a simple eBook.

if you have any questions, comment below

How to create an eBook using Canva

I would highly recommend using this, its so simple but offers professional design and the best part is, it’s free, you don’t really need any software downloads, just signing up and log in to use.

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Download the Full Version ‘How to Create an eBook‘ for Free.




Sites where you can publish your ebooks:


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