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Hünenberg Castle

Hünenberg Castle

Hünenberg Castle was built in the 12th century and mentioned the first time in 1173. At the Battle of Sempach in 1386 Hünenberg fought on the side of Habsburg family and the castle was destroyed after the defeat. During the following three decades the Hünenberg family also lost their power and reputation. In 1416, Rudolf von Hünenberg sold the ruined castle and its rights to the Bütler brothers. The keep was still standing into the 19th century.

The castle was uncovered on September 22, 1945, and in 1961 it was placed under the protection of the Confederation.

In recent excavations in 2006, Roman copper and silver coins from between 150 years before and 250 years after Christ were found. To protect the site, the discovery was only announced after the excavations were completed in 2007.

Castle Type: Hilltop castle
Conservation status: ruin
Place: Hünenberg
Coordinates: 47 ° 10 ‘22.1 ” N, 8 ° 25’ 25.9″ E.
Height: 440 m above sea level M.


Hünenberg Castle
Hünenberg Castle

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