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Instagrams New Ecommerce Tag Feature jackthreads 01 2016 Instagrams New Ecommerce Tag Feature

Instagrams New Ecommerce Tag Feature

Instagram are now testing its new feature, where it lets you shop without having to open up an internet browser, you can now see shoppable tags on photos, from retail brands such as Abercrombie.

Instagram lets you tag a product and when you want to see what products are in them pictures, you can tab on the icon and when you tab it, more information about the product will show.

By the looks of it instragram aiming for brands to start selling their products on instagram but we all know, all of this has been having for years on instagram, guess it’s making it easier for its users to view products.

Now thanks to the tags in the new instagram, designers wouldn’t have to put information in the description saying check the link for more information.