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Inventive approaches for better password security

A Strong password will keep all your information and money secure.

When your password is weak, you are putting yourself at risk to some serious problems, such as identity theft, credit/debit card fraud and other unnecessary problems that no one wants to go through.

Everyone most of heard at some point that having a strong password you need to make sure its long, has letters and numbers and make sure the password isn’t something like your name.

Length matters

Couple years ago passwords over 6-10 letters long was strong enough, however now this has changed, as technology develops hackers are finding it easier to hack in to short passwords, and can most of the time guess them. Try using around 12-16 letters/numbers and symbols.

More complexity and length of a password, makes it difficult for a hacker to crack.

Great example of a strong password: T42$J_5-MSRWP@1, password like this has no meaning to me, has lots of numbers letters and symbols. hackers find this kind of passwords, hard to crack.

skip the obvious 

This means passwords like ‘Password123’, ‘Password’ and ‘12345’ are most common password words still being used and to be honest you might as well not put a password, this kind of security is what standard hacker will use first, as they are most commonly used.

Also a big N0,No are things that can be done with a google search, for example your birthday, name, favorite sports team, pretty much anything that can be found on social media like facebook, twitter.

Make sure you think outside the box and come up with a unique password.

Use Sentences

When you think of a password you usually thing it has to be a word but that’s not the case, a password should be phases, something that can be easily remembered with numbers and symbols in it.

Here’s a phase that good to remember ‘Damn, I’m good at telling lies!’ now if you change that and put a few numbers and symbols, you be golden.

Space Bar?

Space bar is over looked by most cracking tools, this means having a password with a space bar in it, will make it super hard for any hacker to try and get in to your accounts, space bar is a must for a strong password.

Switch passwords

Making sure you switch passwords on a monthly bases, this will keep any hacker guessing, this is why some people change passwords daily, this usually makes it impossible for hackers to get the information but we know, changing passwords daily will make life harder then it needs to be, just remembering a new password everyday, you are bound to forget it.

Don’t forget a strong password will keep your information and money safe.